Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Not sure

I'm not really sure what to write right now.  I'm laying in bed trying to think of something to say.  And I really don't have a lot.  I'm choosing to be positive, but sometimes it seems like such a struggle. 
You want to say something mean, angry, antagonistic or worse - truthful - but it's all negative.  So on the high side, I guess I should talk about all things new and exciting with me.
This morning I was up at 5:15am to meet my workout buddy at the gym.  I did a little stair master and then hit the weights.  I'm sore.  But good uncomfortable sore.  
Today I had a couple site meetings but the great one was when I used my mad networking skills to convinced the contractor to wait for the boss and I to get to the site; and I even found a spot to put the box so that it was not unsightly for our development.  Not just another pretty  face;).
That's about all I got.  The day went on and I think it's time for me to sleep on it so I can gym again tomorrow.  I have a big day.  It's my doctor's appointment and for once, I cannot wait to get some really amazing news.  Everyone gets a second chance; it's called tomorrow.  I'm looking forward to it.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Whoa. Bedtime

Ok I totally want to post something - cause I told myself I would - but I'm tanked.  I'm going to bed, up at 515am and to the gym.  Check in tomorrow.  Nighty night and sweet dreams.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Cold September Day

"...and as I sat there on that dreary November day, it was clear to me that I was lacking in my own heart work," is a line that I just read in "The Gifts of Imperfection" by Brene Brown.  Except imagine September, and I'm agreeing. And maybe it's me that critical and cynical of myself and I reflect that in my mirror.  My complaints aren't about you, they are the imbalance or lack of love I have for myself.  They are my own criticisms and perceived downfalls.  I'm fighting myself. 
I've been saying that this is the problem that really needs fixing.  So I'm glad things fell into line and this landed in my lap.  I guess it means that life agrees with me and I'm heading in the right directions - at least that's how I'm taking it.  😉  The universe is on my side right now and who am I to argue?!
So my morning today:  the restaurant was broken into last night 😣.  However, while I woke B and he headed to deal with everything at 4am like a ROCKSTAR, and then he was home and up again for little's lacrosse at 730am - GO DAD - and then home at 1030am. 
Best part of my morning: the 11am kiss when he rolled back into the room to try to grab a couple hours sleep.  I got up anyways and we're on opposite schedules right now, but he really is just that wonderful.  
Couldn't have said it any better myself.  Go on with your bad selves.  Enjoy your Sunday Funday peeps!


So I found its really easy to wake up one day and want to change.  But the better question is really - how do I make that change happen?  Where do I start, what changes do I make, how do I make them, how will I know if its the right change, and on and on - you see how this can go, right?
Well funny you might think that, because change is just starting to happen and not only that, but its just coming to me in the form I want.  It's like the energy and the things I wants to love about myself again are wanting to come back to me because I want them.  Not only want them, I'm believing and reminding myself that I AM them.
Strangely enough, I'm committed to being in shape, feeling good, fit and healthy again. I'm making it a priority in my life.  My girlfriend messages me yesterday and wants to train together.  What better motivation than a partner, someone to cheer on their goals and work hard together with.  So starting Tuesday mornings I will be at Steve Nash in South Surrey at 630am to workout before work.  We are trial running the location and time this week to see how it works out - subject to change to evenings since I have to be up at 515am daily on this schedule. But we have a standing date.  
This morning I saw on a Facebook profile that someone was asking about books.  Well it turns out that a suggestion was the 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman - amazing book and perspective on relationships.  So I bought the other suggestion this morning since I've already read and loved the Gary Chapman book.  What better than a peer review from someone that loved something as much as I did?
This morning I'm sleeping in because I'm excited to.  My bed is cozy, I've written my blog, I'm going to read until I doze off and enjoy some Raining on Sunday.  Like the Keith Urban song;).

And I've committed to posting each and everyday even if just to remind myself how much there is to love about my life.  The picture below is just a rainy Thursday at the office. What a fabulous dog - and a rescue at that.  Funny how animals remind you about unconditional love and how important it is to give it for no reason.  Everyone and everything deserves love.  No matter what.